Privacy Policy

1. The personal information we collect

 When you visit our website, we register data such as frequency of use, access date and time, when you view or click a specific content, as well as your content preferences. 

When you log in our page, read our emails and Internet Protocols (IP) addresses, we store information which is used to identify you and register your use on the Platform. 

We inform that we do not make any decision based on the profiles, except for advertisement customizations and legitimate prevention of internet frauds purposes, circumstances in which the regulation acknowledges a legitimate interest regarding data processing. 

We also have access to some information provided by third parties through other platforms, for example, when you create an account on Facebook or other similar technologies. This information may include personal texts or pictures available on an external website. 

2. Purposes 

ZD Alimentos S.A, as Responsible for Data Processing, will handle your personal data for the purposes below: 

• Manage your registration as a platform user, aiming for your identification to provide you access to the services available to registered users; 

Contact via email regarding updates or information on resources, products or services, and updates, as long they are necessary or reasonable; 

 Send an answer to any request or consultation made through the customer service system, available on our page; 

 Use your information to create unidentified and incorporated data. For example, create statistics on users, their jobs or specialization area, number of prints and clicks on a specific project, or visitor's demographic data. 

For security purposes, the use of this resource may request you to change your password. Be careful because the security of the accesses also depends on the correct use and storage of confidential passwords. 

 3. Use of data 

In order to improve our services, be aware that personal information regarding your interests and preferences may be used by ZD Alimentos S.A for analysis, the profile of users, marketing studies, quality surveys, and the improvement on the interaction with our customers. 

If you expressly authorize, your personal data will be used for providing customized advertising on our products and services, which will be presented via email or other means of electronic communication by us or third collaborators. 

You can cancel your notifications by following the instructions on each advertising you receive. 

4. Data retention period 

Your personal data will be retained for a maximum period of one year and, after that, for the period determined for any obligation arising from data processing or according to the law. 

5. Who obtains your data 

In order to comply with the purposes of this Privacy Policy, it may be necessary to share or release your personal data to third parties due to the reasons below: 

Commercial Transfers: regarding any reorganization, restructuring, merger or sale, or any other assets transfers, including personnel, provided that the receiving party agrees to process your personal data according to our current Privacy Policy; 

Service providers: to provide services on our behalf or to help us provide our services. Provide services on marketing, advertising, communication, infrastructure, and IT, customize and improve our services, provide customer services, analyze and improve data (such as data on user interaction with our services), process and manage satisfaction surveys. Aiming for efficiency, these partners and providers may have their head offices in the USA or other countries, or territories outside the European Economic Area, and may not have a data protection level comparable to that of its country or the European Union. 

If you agree with this Privacy Policy, you will be specifically authorizing us to handle and release your personal data to the service providers responsible for data processing and/or to report your personal data to the mentioned partners, including those which are outside the European Economic Area, for the purposes described herein, to provide you a complete service. When we disclose personal information and exchange data with countries outside the European Economic Area and other areas with data protection regulations, we ensure that the information is being sent in compliance with this Privacy policy and current data protection regulations. 

6. Data Protection Rights 

As the Responsible for Data Processing, we undertake to respect the confidential nature of your personal data and to ensure the full exercise of these rights. The rights granted to you on data protection are: 

Right to access: the owner of the data handled, that is, you, has the right to confirm if we are handling your personal data and, if we are, you have the right to get a copy of these data and other information regarding the handling, the addressees, the retention period, and the collecting source of such data, if they have not been provided by you, among others; 

Right to amend: it is the right granted to you so you can have the rectification of incorrect data and amendment of incomplete information, and the right to verify the authenticity of the data which are being processed; 

Right to delete: by this right, you can also request the deletion of your data, without improper delay, in the event they are being handled improperly and illegally or if the purpose for which it has been used or collected no longer exists, without prejudice for expression and information exercise, fulfillment of legal order, postulation or defense in a legal lawsuit, public interest by part of the public health, and scientific or historical investigation purposes or statistical purposes; 

Right to limit the handling: You have the right to request the suspension on the processing of your data to be illegal or the accuracy of the data to be contested; 

Right to oppose: you also have the right to oppose to the handling of your data, including for elimination purposes, when it is used on direct marketing or when the processing has been ended due to a specific situation, except when there is a legitimate interest or if it is necessary for the exercise or defense of claims; 

Right not to be subject to customized decisions: you have the right not to be subject to a decision exclusively based on automatic processing of your data, including definition of profiles, with binding legal effects or which may affect you, without prejudice for the exceptions set forth by law such as when it is necessary for the execution of an agreement between the holder of the data and the entity responsible for such data, or if you have authorized it expressly; 

Right of portability: you have the right to receive relevant personal information you have been provided to us or to other responsible for processing such information, as well as the possibility to send this data directly to other responsible, and the latest entity for which the personal data have been handed over cannot prevent it; provided that the processing of this information is legal, such processing is required for the execution or diligence of an agreement, or such data has been expressly handled under specific categories set forth by law, and made in automated means;

• Right of transparency: you have the right to have any information to be transparent and accurate, including when it comes to information shared with public or private entities, or communications destined to you or the general public, with respect to the use and handling of these personal data, and it has to be easy to access and understand, and formulated in a clear, simple language. The information will be provided by written notice or electronic means. If desired, the information may also be provided orally, provided that you identify yourself;

• Anonymization, block or elimination: this right regards unnecessary, excessive or non-compliant data with respect to this Law; 

• Privacy of children’s data: when direct offers of information services and data handling concern or are driven to children under the age of16, such data will be considered as legal and possible upon consent by parents or legal representatives. 

• Possibility not to provide consent: the holder has the right not to consent with the handling of his/her data, and, if so, such data cannot be handled. 

If you want to exercise the rights mentioned above, send an email to, providing your (I) identity by sharing your full name and email address used to subscribe or make a buy, an ID to determine your identity, and (II) the right(s) you are exercising. The exercise of such rights is free, except when the request is deliberately unfounded or excessive, and the individual, therefore, will be obligated to bear with processing costs. 

7. Information on Cookies 

We use cookies on this platform especially to provide a better browsing experience to the user. If you want more information, please read our Cookies Policy, its purpose, and other relevant clarification. 

8. The responsibility of the agents 

ZD Alimentos S.A. is responsible for processing the personal data received under the Privacy Shield Policy and, subsequently, transferred to a third party which actuates as an agent on its behalf. 

9. Amendments

This Privacy Policy will be occasionally amended and if requested by legal, regulating or operating amendments. We emphasize that we will notify such amendments (including the effective date) according to legal requirements.