Policy of Cookies

About use of cookies

What you need to know: 

As technology evolves, devices are constantly created so you can browse on the web in a better way. When you enter a website, small files are downloaded to your computer. These files record your actions and preferences, and your access in the future will be customed according to your habits. 

We will explain what kind of information is collected, how we use cookies, why is important to enable them, and the commands to be adopted if you want to modify or disable them. 

What information is stored and how we use cookies 

When you enter our website and to, for example, create an account, contact us by email, subscribe a newsletter, or write a comment, personal or user data are collected by the "cookies" tool so that your next access could be customized according to your choices. 

These cookies are usually deleted when you leave the website, but, in some cases, they may remain and record your preferences when you are logged out. 

Thus, whenever you are logged in, these data will be recorded so you don’t need to log in again or enter information of specific records or notifications, valid only for subscribed or non-subscribed users, which were previously mentioned. 

Other cookies 

In very special cases, we can use cookies from trusted third parties. These third parties cookies can be found on: 

Google Analytics - one of the most disseminated and trusted analysis solutions on the web which helps you understand how you use the website and how we can improve it. They can monitor how long you surf on the website and visited pages, helping us to become more attractive the content produced and to make improvements by identifying our users' most important needs so that your access experience to our page could be of a great quality. 

Google AdSense - a service which shows ads and uses a DoubleClick cookie to drive relevant ads and limit the number of times a certain ad is shown to you. For more details, refer to the FAQ on Google AdSense privacy. 

We can also use social media buttons/plug-ins which allows you to connect with your social networks in several ways. So that they could work, social network websites (including Facebook, Twitter, among others) will define cookies through our website, and they may be used to improve your profile or contribute to data they have for different purposes, described in their respective Privacy Policies. 

What are the consequences on disabling the cookies? 

Unfortunately, in most cases, there is no way to disable the cookies without completely impairing the mentioned functionality and resources they add to the website. We recommend you to keep all the cookies if you are not sure about whether you need them to provide a service you use. 

I want to modify or delete the cookies. What should I do? 

 You can change the default settings by changing them. To do so, go to the “Help” menu on your browser. 

You can also delete all the cookies already installed on your desktop or device, and even enable an option available on most browsers, which prevents the cookies from being installed. However, we suggest you think about it because, when changing the settings, you can impair or disable relevant services and functionalities on this website or many others you visit and, as a consequence, you have to set manually some preferences whenever you visit a page on the web. 

We recommend you therefore not to disable this option. 

More information 

We hope we could have cleared up your main questions about cookies. However, if you still are looking for more information, contact us. 

Email: sac@grupozda.com.br 

We highlight again that, if you are not sure yet about the best thing for you to do, and if the cookies are related to the resources you use for the website, keep them enabled, as it is the safest measure.